This charcoal sketch was completed shortly after I studied the Contrapposto Pose. I focused on the balance between the pulling forces of the human body. I worked on this piece reflecting upon my teacher’s simple yet engaging question, “Is she really standing?

The Levy’s

This is drawn from direct observation of a house in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn.  Given that my friend grew up in this house, I was particularly interested in capturing it’s temperament.  The green sharpie was the extra measure taken to show that this house is extraordinary.

In contrast to Shangri La, there is violence, accusation and rivalry among the mouse descendents.  The modern Mickey finds himself paralyzed behind the barrel of a handgun held by a more authentic Mickey.  The daisies dance to a melody behind authentic Mickey, encouraging his dominance.


The spotty sky was built up by drawing with pressure on a separate piece of paper above the final drawing, letting the ink bleed through with limitations.  This tactful way of filling in may also be seen in Chinese New Year on the Farm.